Welcome to Pivot Point Equine Rehab Therapy:
Physical Therapy for Your Horse!

Pivot Point Equine is here to help you help your horse! Equine physical therapy is so much more than massage or chiropractic care. We offer a comprehensive approach to helping your equine athlete achieve the highest level of health and wellness so they can help you achieve your goals! Whether recovering from an injury or trying to prevent injuries and get that competitive edge, we can help you through the process using proven physical therapy techniques.

Our Mission

Our philosophy and mission is simple: we want your horse to be as happy, comfortable, and healthy as possible, so he can give you 100%. We do this through physical therapy techniques such as hands-on treatment, exercise prescription, pain-relieving modalities, and, most importantly, educating you as the caretaker of your horse how to do that. 

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field): What the Research Shows

I am always open for new ideas and ways to help injured people and animals, but after I had first heard of PEMF, I was a little skeptical. So my physical therapist mind kicked in and thought I would “single handedly disprove this modality!” My initial thought is that it was just another “gimmick” or sham machine being sold by a slick salesman. But what I am finding out, as I do my research of clinical studies, research articles, and my own practical experience with PEMF, is that it is a…


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