Why Equine Physical Therapy?

Equine Physical Therapy

Have you ever had physical therapy for yourself? If the answer is yes, then you already know that equine physical therapy is so much more than just exercise or massage.

Pivot Point Equine has the professional training, certification, and experience to use proven physical therapy techniques to help prevent or treat injury in your equine athlete.

We can evaluate how the horse moves with gait evaluation, then use our palpation skills to find the areas of pain and problems. 

We can perform joint mobilizations, similar to chiropractic adjustments, to get the joints moving better. We may need to perform massage or myofascial release to help restore the normal joint mechanics.

Demonstrating an equine physical therapy technique

Therapeutic modalities, such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, micro current, and pulsed electromagnetic field can also be used in rehabilitation for injured horses to help facilitate healing and normalize blood flow.

We also provide exercise prescription and instruct the owner in how to perform these exercises properly to complement the therapeutic interventions that we have performed on the horse in rehabilitation.

Equine physical therapy is much more effective when utilized immediately after injury, surgery, or following the onset of a disease process.

Early intervention is the ideal time to start physical therapy on your horse for addressing pain relief, decreasing inflammation, and maintaining range of movement for the shortest rehabilitation time.

We understand that the four-legged fiends are more than just animals or tools to you; they are part of the family and athletic team. The latest advancements in equine physical therapy may just what your equine athlete needs. Let us help you, help them.

“The work Becky does is legit! No gimmicks, just listening to the horse working with the muscles and getting them back to feeling their best. She has the PT knowledge to understand range of motion and body mechanics and the knowledge of how the horse moves and works to be able to tie it all together. The proof is in the pudding and my horse sure showed that Becky helped make her feel better!”