Tega's Story


Seven-year-old mare was having stride differences in right hind limb. Had tendency to buck when loped.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Tega was treated with joint mobilizations of the neck, withers, and lumbar spine, along with the right side of her pelvis. We also performed myofascial release over her lumbar spine (back), and pelvic mobilizations were performed to correct a higher pelvis on the right. She was very tender along the lumbar or back muscles near the hips, more so on the right than the left. 

Her family was instructed in equine core exercises and stretches to perform that complemented the physical therapy treatment provided.


At a one-week follow-up, Tega was walking and trotting near normal with more symmetrical gait. On lunge line, she worked under saddle with minimal gait deviation, but still had difficulty maintaining her hind leads and had tendency to buck when circling to the right. She was again treated with joint mobilzations and myofascial release. Her right pelvis was still elevated, and her lumbar spine was still lacking mobility in the lower segments. Saddle fitting was performed and recommendations were made in correct fit and adjustment. 

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