Solid in the Saddle Student Testimonials


What Are Solid in the Saddle Online Classes?

We’re pleased to offer our Solid in the Saddle online classes geared to helping horse and rider perform at their very best. These classes originated from our years of experience using physical therapy techniques for people and horses.

We designed these courses because we know we cannot physically help every horse and rider out there that needs it. We want to educate riders around the globe about what they can do to keep themselves healthy, free of pain and strong to stay solid in the saddle.

The techniques and exercises in this course will take you step by step through the process Becky uses daily to treat two- and four-legged patients with back pain, poor conditioning, and poor posture to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Hear What Others Think About Our Classes


Phil Haugen

Horseman Clinician

“This will be extremely beneficial for those in the industry. You understand the challenges riders face and do a great job of explaining how to do the exercises and why they’re important. I’ll be incorporating several of these exercises into my morning workout!”


Samantha Flannery

Futurity Trainer & Clinician

“I was so excited when I saw that Becky had put together videos and exercises targeted for us barrel racers! My biggest problem is my pelvis and I’ve never been shown what to do about it. I’m a believer in a strong core. I expect my horse to run fast and turn hard, so I need to stay rock solid in the saddle to stay out of their way.”