Pivot Point Podcast

31. What is Equine PT?

In this episode, Becky describes what equine PT is and introduces you to her and her family. She also dives into the newest platform of information and entertainment that she has been working on. Check out our new YouTube channel, “Pivot Point Equine and Rider Rehab” for video content of this and many more bonus footage, showing you what an equine PT does.

30: Equine Stifle Rehab

In this episode Becky and Emma sit down and discuss equine stifle rehab and the benefits of using rehab to help your horse’s stifle health. They discuss the contents and application of the stifle rehab course located on www.pivotpointequine.teachable.com

27. Dr. W. Lee Warren

Neurosurgeon and author Dr. W. Lee Warren joins Becky today for a conversation about his practice of neurosurgery, as well as his talent for writing and podcasting. Dr. Warren talks about how his faith and how his gift of sharing his faith has helped him and his family through the hardest time of their lives as they lost their son.