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38. Rider Hip Pain with Kerri Lemons

Have you been told you need a hip or knee replacement? Becky’s friend, Kerri, was in just this situation. Kerri had a total hip replacement about eight years ago. Recently, she found out that she needs to have the procedure revised. However, due to her busy schedule and the recovery time needed to get the surgery done, she wasn’t willing to lose yet another summer. While she was at Becky’s place for a horsemanship clinic, Kerri mentioned that her hip had been giving her a lot of trouble when it came to riding. After a quick evaluation, Becky did some exercises with Kerri to activate her hip muscles and control the motion of the thigh.

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37. Mother Daughter Barrel Racing Trio

We were recently asked to answer some questions for Cowboy News about being a “Mother Daughter Barrel Racing Trio”. We talk about how the girls got started barrel racing, which one of us needs “buffered” when coaching the others, and suggestions for parents as they help their kids progress in their horsemanship journey.

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36. Farley Schweighart

In this episode, Becky is joined by a fellow Physical Therapist who shares her love of the two and four legged patients. Farley is a physical therapist who helps riders and their horses heal from injury, improve performance and return to winning. She founded rider’s Edge Therapy & Wellness because of her frustration that the horse and rider team weren’t being addressed. Her love for improving the well being and performance of both horse and rider drives her everyday.


Riders Edge Podcast

Despite a Navicular Bone fracture – Twice is Back!

After five long months of rehab we’ve finally got Emma’s barrels and poles horse back into competition shape. Pretty amazing considering she was lame in September due to a navicular fracture, right?!

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34. Nathan King and “Hooch”: Dog Lovers -This One’s for You!

After suffering a vertebral fracture when the semi-truck he was driving rolled over, Nathan’s life changed dramatically. Here is his story and how he has battled against back pain and a sensory processing disorder that developed after his accident. He is now starting his own braiding business and talks about how his service dog “Hooch” helps him cope. Check out his Instagram account at dogue_daze to see what he and Hooch are up to or to order your canine friend a dog leash.