Jill's Story

Below is Jill's story as told by her owner, Ashley Wells.

“Becky has been helping me get my mare Jill back to feeling great. I have struggled with Jill in her withers and her hips. She isn't very big and was ranch horse before she was barrel horse. That means long days, dragging calves, roping, stiff in the pasture, etc. So it's no surprise that she was sore in places and probably had been for awhile. I had Becky work on her quick at a run a few weeks ago then took her back a week later and had her do a full therapy session on her. We were joking that she was already trying so hard even being so sore just think of what she would do if we got her feeling good! Bam…a week later she goes out and wins her first race with twenty runs under her belt. 

“The work Becky does is legit! No gimmicks, just listening to the horse working with the muscles and getting them back to feeling their best. I can feel a huge difference in the way my mare warms and and travels even after this one session, Becky will be there first I hit up anytime I think Jill is getting sore. She has the PT knowledge to understand range of motion and body mechanics and the knowledge of how the horse moves and works to be able to tie it all together. The proof is in the pudding and my horse sure showed that Becky helped make her feel better!”

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