Butch's Story

Great horses are often great in many phases of their lives. We feel “Fast N Furrious” or Butch is one of those great horses. Not because of what he did with us as much as looking at his life so far.

He was in the winners circle many times as a successful race horse, with a speed index of 103. He was a fun barrel horse, who tried hard, ran hard, and wanted to please. He had a switch he could flip and go hard and fast or go take my kids to the winners circle in 4-H in western and English pleasure—he had a winner’s heart and try!

Last summer this gentle giant had to have stifle surgery. It broke my heart, because he had been coming on strong as a barrel horse, but he had an accident in the pasture that tore muscles in his hind leg and caused deterioration of his stifle. Surgery was our only option and we owed it to this horse to try to help him.

After surgery we rehabbed him but felt like his destiny was not to return to the barrel pen, but instead be used as a ranch gelding or 4-H horse for multiple events that wouldn’t tax his stifle as much as barrel racing.

As much as we loved “Butch” as a barrel horse, we knew he could bring joy and happiness to another family like he had ours. I recently heard the statement “It is all about placement” when selling a horse and I couldn’t agree more with this.

Through our great network of friends, Butch found Presley. They are just what each other needed; he found a little girl to love him and appreciate his great qualities and she found a confidence-building partner to learn and grow with.

We are so proud of Butch and Presley for their accomplishments so far and feel the great “loot” they brought home recently from a horse show is only the beginning. We wish this team the best of luck and can’t wait to see what they achieve in the future.

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