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Becky Pearson, Nebraska Equine Physical Therapist

Becky Pearson is a licensed equine physical therapist in the state of Nebraska.

Becky Pearson, MPT, LAPT, CERP, has been treating human patients since 1996. She obtained her master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Findaly, Findlay, Ohio, in 2005 and opened her own private practice in Broken Bow, Nebraska, in 2011.

Over the years and seeing the benefits from physical therapy on people, she knew the same techniques could help the equine athletes. 

She spent years of studying, observing, competing, and living within the horse world and completed the Equine Physical Rehabilitation Certification Program at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon completion of the program, she became the second licensed Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CERP) in Nebraska

Finally, all of the pieces of the puzzle were put together to create “Pivot Point Equine Rehab Therapy—Physical Therapy for Your Horse!”

Becky Pearson

Becky understands that to compete at a high level, you and your horse must feel your best. She herself has competed at a high level in the WPRA at prestigious rodeos such as Cheyenne Frontier Days and Pendleton, Oregon. As an equine physical therapist, she keeps her own horses and her family’s horses healthy using cutting-edge physical therapy techniques. She is married to PRCA steer roper Chris Pearson and they have two daughters who also compete, Emma and Gracie Pearson. 

Consequently, Becky has become driven to learn how to increase the mobility, strength, and overall health of the competitive athletic horse. After her work is done, you see an overall calming effect upon the horse. The work has a lasting effect upon the whole being. It helps with increased flexibility and elasticity and softens muscles, which allows the horse to move freer and faster. Overall, the horse is just healthier and can then give you more. Because the horse is feeling better, he is more responsive to the rider and generally just happier with himself. The end result is better performance for you. 

Becky’s passion to help the horse as an equine physical therapist has had her traveling the entire United States learning and working on horses…one horse at a time…one rider at a time, improving their overall quality of life, enabling them to shine when it is their time.

Learn more about why you should consider physical therapy for your horse.

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